Barbecue Snob? I think not…

by zydecopaws on January 30, 2010

Robert King, a Southern California BBQ caterer who runs DR’s BBQ (pronounced Dee Arrrrrr’s; I’m guessing he knows when International Speak Like a Pirate Day is) has issued a “barbecue manifesto” on his blog. In it he explains that he is incensed by multiple references to “crockpot barbecue” on Twitter over the past couple of days, and then goes on to describe himself as a “barbecue snob”.

Robert, I believe you are being a bit too harsh on yourself. In fact, I think you have just earned yourself a spot in the priesthood of the Church of Que. As you’ve pointed out elsewhere on your site:

  • Pulled pork does not come in a tub with sauce at the grocery store.
  • There is no such thing as a McShizzle Rib sandwich. Sorry it’s pressed meat.
  • If you bake meat and put some sauce on it that is not called barbecue. It’s called oven meat with sauce.
  • Welcome aboard Brother! Now go make some burnt-end offerings in the smoke and go forth to smite the practitioners of FauxQue. They truly know not what they do…

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