No Onions, No Peppers, No Problem

by zydecopaws on February 6, 2010

Ribs are on the menu for Superbowl Sunday, so I figured I would whip up something quick and easy on the grill tonight. We hadn’t had any good sausages for awhile, so out of the freezer came some chicken-apple sausages and beef franks for the kiddies. Into a cooler filled with hot water they went, and the defrosting process was underway.

Then the fun began. Time to figure out what else was on the menu. We were out of peppers. So much for grilled peppers and onions. I had smoker beans the other night, but SWMBO wanted some beans. No problem, we can have some beans instead of grill fries or trashbag taters.


What else to have? How about some more of that tasty salad mix that, oh look, is gone. And dinner is almost done. Time to pull out some raw veggies. Wait, those are for tomorrow, can’t do that. How about some pickles and sliced tomatoes?


Not bad for a complete lack of menu planning and no desire to drive to the store at the last minute. Now I just need to make sure we get some onions and peppers back in the house…

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