Introducing The Notafatty

by zydecopaws on February 9, 2010

It’s Quesday, and following a long afternoon of OPS reviews at work, I desperately needed some BBQ therapy. So there I stand in front of the freezer looking for something different yet easy to throw on Bubba Ho-Keg. Then I spotted the ground turkey that had been taking up space for quite a while and was hit with an inspiration. How about making a fatty out of that ground turkey?

So I fired up Bubba Ho-Keg, put in the plate setter, threw on some sweet potatoes, and went off in the house to assemble the first (at least that I know of) Notafatty. After all, ground turkey is supposed to be very lean, and I knew right up front this wasn’t going to be as spicy as any kind of sausage I might use in a real fatty.


Using the sacrificial ziploc bag technique, I flattened out the turkey and loaded it up with chopped mushrooms, onions, tomato, and some parmesan cheese. Then came unpleasant surprise number one. It turns out that ground turkey is much moister than sausage, and much less dense. In other words, it crumbles rather than rolls. After exercising the ruder parts of my vocabulary, I gave up trying to roll it up and settled for forming it into a large lump on a grill plate.

Then came unpleasant surprise number two. I’d spent so much time farking around with the turkey that I had forgotten to check the temperature on Bubba Ho-Keg and it had climbed to over 600°F. Do you know what happens to sweet potatoes when they are exposed to these sort of temps for any length of time? The turn black and crispy on the outside, while the inside stays rather cool and not thoroughly cooked. This is what I get for not paying attention…


What you get is a picture of the Notafatty with the juices running out and not a sweet potato in sight. At least not in the picture above, which was taken about half an hour after it went on the grill at temps that remained above 500°F for most of the cook. Once Bubba Ho-Keg gets its groove on, it won’t give it up easily…


In spite of all the challenges, dinner turned out to be quite tasty. A mushroom gravy (mushroom soup, milk, white wine, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, thyme, and sage) was prepared on the stove and served over the Notafatty. As you can see, most of the black stuff was removed from the sweet potatoes, and the microwave took care of reheating and finishing off the not-so-cooked parts.

And to top it off, there will be Notafatty sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. Not quite a meatloaf sandwich, but I’m guessing it will rank right up there as far as taste goes.

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