Of Bacon Pizzas and Broken Stones

by zydecopaws on February 10, 2010

Tonight’s pizza was brought to you by the Twitter BBQ community and limited only by ingredients on hand in the house. The spousal unit brought home pizza dough from TJ’s and it was game on.

The overwhelming recommendation from the Twitter crowd was that bacon had to be on at least one of the pizzas. I don’t recall a time when we have been out of bacon, so that was an easy decision to fry some up for pizza number one. The dough of choice was the herb variety, thinly coated with our own version of pizza sauce and some parmesan cheese. On went the bacon, some sauteed onions (in the bacon grease, yum), and some black olives. Bubba Ho-Keg was fired up to the 600-700°F range, and on went the pizza stone. Notice the use (again) of the new plate setter…


Ever see the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”? That is the best description of this pizza once it was sliced. No doubt about it, bacon belongs on a pizza. But then again, bacon makes most everything better…

The second pizza was the “clean out the refrigerator” variety. Whole wheat dough, the rest of the pizza sauce, some salami that came in a Christmas gift pack, more parmesan cheese, and some mushrooms that had just about reached the end of their useful existence made their way onto the grill.


When I went to take the pizza off after about 10 minutes, I was treated to the pizza flower visual above. That’s right, the very stone we got at Christmas that said no preheating was necessary is now scattered in several pieces and will need to be cleaned out of Bubba Ho-Keg once it cools down. Here’s a better look at the damage once the pizza was rescued.


The good news is that the pizza survived. Well, at least long enough to make it to the table. It’s gone now, but to a much better place. (Burp) As for the pizza stones, I guess I’ll have to be more careful in the future. Or go back to using metal pizza pans on the plate setter. Which works very well, and as you can see, will never be clean again.

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