Santa Maria Fajitas

by zydecopaws on February 14, 2010

Today was Valentines Day, and SWMBO decided that she wanted the tri-tip roasts we brought to the lake turned into fajitas for dinner. Since it was another unusually nice day for winter I was more than happy to accommodate her.


The tri-tip roasts were sprinkled with salt, pepper, Cajun seasoning mix, and some red chili powder. They were then seared directly over the coals on both sides, then moved off the coals and left to cook indirect on a kettle that spent most of its time over 500°F. After about 40 minutes they were registering about 145°F internally and were ready to be removed for the next stage.


Onions and peppers were thinly sliced and put in a covered pot with some EVOO, chipotle pepper sauce, and red wine directly over the coals. While that was cooking, the tri-tip was sliced into thin strips and then mixed in with the onion and pepper mix on the grill.


The tortillas were handmade sun-dried tomato and habanero; although I have been threatening to get a tortilla press and make my own, I can’t take credit for these as they were some that the wife picked up at the store. They were heated directly over the coals, and although they had some holes in them they were very tasty.


Maybe this meal doesn’t stack up to some of the others I saw pictures of today, but the wife was happy and that’s all that counts.

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