Something fishy is going on…

by zydecopaws on February 19, 2010

When I came home Wednesday my wife had smudges on her forehead. At first I thought she had cleaned the chimney or had been playing around with my barbecues, but it occurred to me later that this mark might be the precursor to a change in my diet, at least on Friday nights for the next several weeks.

That’s right, I live with Catholics, and it is that time of the year again. Since I didn’t think I could get away with my version of transubstantiation on the first Friday in Lent, I went along with the program and served up some mahi-mahi for dinner tonight. The fish was sprinkled with some fresh ground pepper, salt, and some thyme then topped with lemon slices. On the grill it went with a pot o’ carrots.


While it was cooking I whipped up another batch of the lemon sauce I made for some chicken awhile back, added some capers, and poured it over the fish when it came time to eat.


Not bad for the first of several Fridays without one of the big three (beef, chicken, or pork) or any of those other non-sea creatures. Having said that, I’m gonna have to do something special tomorrow to make up for all this healthy food…

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