Another recipe ignored…

by zydecopaws on February 21, 2010

I was drooling over some Greek-ish Pork Pinwheels I spotted over at Nibble Me This, another foodie blog I follow on a pretty regular basis, and it occurred to me that I should give this a try. I have some pork tenderlion and feta cheese, why not give it a go?

Then reality set in. Sun-dried tomatoes aren’t a staple in our house. Nor are fresh spinach leaves. And I am cooking a pork butt later tonight so that we have some nice pulled pork available to make enchiladas and other goodies, so I really didn’t want to cook pork tonight. At that point, my ability to completely ignore recipes and directions set in, and creativity (?) took over.

Enter the chicken breast. Cut them in half, pound them into submission with a large skillet, and turn them into a chicken version of the pinwheel. Or so I thought. After cooking up some bacon to use in the chicken pinwheels, I sauteed some finely chopped onions, red bell pepper, minced garlic, and mushrooms in a bit of the bacon grease. Then I grated some Beecher’s No Woman Jamaica cheese and I was ready to go. Each piece of chicken got a bit of cheese and some of the onion/mushroom mixture, then was rolled up and stabbed with toothpicks to hold it together. When they were all done, a sprinkling of some Jamaican Jerk spices went over the top of it all. Bubba Ho-Keg was heated to about 400°F with the BGE plate setter in place, and on the grill went the pinwheels.


Right around this time was when I noticed the bacon I had set aside to put in the chicken. So much for that idea… At any rate, about 20 minutes later the chicken was ready to eat.


It wasn’t bad, but I won’t do it this way again. Too much work, and the Jamaican Jerk spice that we used wasn’t very impressive. The cheese was tasty, but there wasn’t enough of it due to the way these had to be wrapped up. But then again, I might just be overly cranky tonight as NBC isn’t showing the USA-Canada hockey game live…

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