Swordfish Score

by zydecopaws on March 8, 2010

Never go to Trader Joe’s on an empty stomach, even if it is right after a dentist appointment. I happened to wander into one this morning since it was right across the street from the dentist and we were out of those handmade habanero sun-dried tomato tortillas, not to mention pizza dough. 10 minutes later I walked out with a rather large bag of groceries that I hadn’t intended to buy when I walked in, and some regrets that I didn’t have more time to peruse the aisles.

One of the many things that made their way home in the bag were some nice swordfish steaks and some fresh zucchini. Which found their way onto Bubba Ho-Keg for dinner…


The swordfish was marinated for about 30 minutes prior to cooking in a mixture of lemon juice, EVOO, fresh basil, and parsley blended together in the food processor. When it came time to put them on the grill they were first dusted in some fresh ground salt and pepper and a dash of Cajun seasoning mix.

The zucchini was sliced in half lengthwise, brushed with a light coating of EVOO, hit with salt and pepper and placed on the grill facedown. After about 5 minutes they were turned, cooked for another 5 minutes, then sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese. Another 5 minutes and everything was ready to eat.


I really like swordfish steaks and it has been quite awhile since I last fixed them. These did not disappoint as they were pulled from the grill when they reached 125°F internally. The zucchini was cooked a bit more than I normally care for, but was very good in spite of being just a bit on the mushy side. Next time I will pull it off sooner as part of the issue was it held its heat after being pulled from the grill and continued to cook.

And no, there weren’t any leftovers. The 7-year old redheaded boy is doing his best to be just like me when I was his age. No wonder my parents were suddenly able to have all kinds of nice things once I moved out on my own; they didn’t have to feed me any more. At this rate I may need to get a second job by the time he becomes a teenager…

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