Back to basics

by zydecopaws on March 11, 2010

After Tuesday’s grand pizza experiment and death spiral and taking yesterday off by digging out one of my favorite photos and posting it without any words, I figured I would redeem myself by going back to the basics and making something I was sure to get right. So it was time for chicken breasts sprinkled with Montreal chicken seasoning, Cajun seasoning mix, and red chili powder grilled up on Bubba Ho-Keg.


And just to be a bit daring, I went ahead and whipped up an Insalata Caprese salad, something I have enjoyed many times in restaurants but never made at home.


This is not hard to make; just make sure you have fresh ingredients, and the correct type. Slice up some Roma tomatoes, top with slices of mozzarella cheese (the good soft, wet stuff, not that part skim stuff that string cheese is made of), add some fresh basil (this batch was chopped only because I had some leftover from the pizza debacle; next time I’ll use whole leaves), then drizzle on some EVOO and balsamic vinaigrette, and add a light touch of fresh ground salt and pepper. Simple, yet very tasty.


I was reminded (again) by members of the family that I haven’t cooked any dessert on the grill for quite awhile now. That was corrected tonight by the return of baked bananas. In the foil and on the grill they went right before we started to eat; shortly after we were done with the main course dessert was served.


I feel like I am back in the groove again. Now I wonder what sort of thing I can do with some fish tomorrow…

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