Brat Pack

by zydecopaws on March 14, 2010

No, not those brats, these brats:


And there were some you don’t see in the picture hiding behind the pot o’ beans. Enough for leftovers for several lunches during the week.


Not much in the way of anything special was done for this meal. The beans were a bacon and pepper-less version of smoker beans, and no drippings were added as I haven’t figured out a way to rig up the beans under the grill on Bubba Ho-Keg yet. Besides, brats don’t drip very much anyway, so no point in going to the effort. The salad was a variation on the Insalata Caprese from the other night; the tomatoes and mozzarella were chopped instead of sliced, mixed with the other ingredients, and left to set for about 30 minutes before tossing with the foo-foo salad. Very tasty. Only disappointing feature of this meal were the onions (foil packet on grill); they would have been much better if they had been grilled rather than foiled.

Didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the meal though…

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