Enchiladas again?

by zydecopaws on March 22, 2010

Oldest Daughter was around this weekend, and kept talking about how she was going to make enchiladas last night. Now this is a big deal, as Oldest Daughter didn’t inherit the cooking gene from Dad. We haven’t talked to her today, but all that talk about enchiladas must have hit a nerve somewhere, as SWMBO was fairly insistent that I cook some again this evening.

So off I went to Bubba Ho-Keg armed with some chicken thighs rubbed with cayenne, red chili powder, and some crushed cilantro. After about 20 minutes of grilling I was treated to this sight:


I also have a 3-second video that I took by accident; these sort of things happen when you carry a camera around in your pocket. I was tempted to post the video as the sound of the chicken sizzling and the flames leaping around was fairly impressive. But since I don’t want to be known for posting the shortest cooking video ever taken you’ll have to leave it to your imagination. Or hope that I don’t cook on Wednesday and post it then.


Once again the metal cake pan was put into service as an enchilada pan; about the only difference in this batch from the last one I made was the use of chicken instead of pulled pork and those handmade TJ’s habanero-sun-dried tomato flour tortillas instead of the standard grocery store flour tortillas. These only took about 15 minutes on the grill post-assembly before they were ready to eat.


They were a bit difficult to get out of the pan; I blame it on the handmade tortillas as they are quite a bit flimsier than the standard flour ones. Didn’t hurt the flavor though; other than the youngest who complained that they were too spicy they were met with great enthusiasm.

Now I wonder if Oldest Daughter actually made her own last night. Especially since we aren’t saving any leftovers for her…

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