Another broken pizza stone

by zydecopaws on March 24, 2010

Ok, this is getting old. Tonight’s broken stone wasn’t as spectacular as the last one, but it broke nonetheless.


Didn’t stop us from eating good pizza though. I went back to the basic pizza sauce recipe and dispensed with the experiments in curry. The first pizza (picture taken minutes before stone destruction) was topped with parmesan cheese, ground sausage, and mushrooms.


The second one had more parmesan and ground sausage along with the obligatory pineapple.


There’s no doubt about it, I’m either going to have to return to using metal pizza pans or learn to use a pizza peel. Given my previous attempts with a peel you should probably expect to see the metal pans again.

But don’t ask for leftovers; these pizzas were gone in a big hurry.

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