Bubba Ho-Keg Bowling

by zydecopaws on March 27, 2010

Bubba Ho-Keg went bowling tonight and rolled several spares. Ok, lousy joke, but Bubba Ho-Keg was loaded up pretty good with some St. Louis cut spare ribs and all the trimmings.


I was sitting around this morning and realized that not only was I getting a hankering for some brisket, but that I never got around to cooking spare ribs on Bubba Ho-Keg. So off we went to the local (well, sort of) Cash & Carry to stock up on large cuts of meat that Costlyco doesn’t seem to carry very often. Good thing they take plastic in spite of their name.

The spares were rubbed with the usual and Bubba Ho-Keg was loaded up with Cowboy lump and some wine-oak smoke wood from GreenLeaf BBQ. In went the plate setter, on went the meat, and 3 hours later it was time to sauce up the ribs with some homemade blueberry-chipotle sauce. For those that are wondering, 1 can of Oregon blueberries in light syrup, 1/2 cup Tabasco Chipotle sauce (did I mention the huge container I found at Cash & Carry?), and 2 rather large tablespoons of honey mixed in a blender, heated to almost a boil on the stove, and then set aside to cool. Wonderful stuff…


I was a bit surprised on the amount of ribs in the package; the packages I normally see have two slabs, but these had three. And as you can see, they were fairly good size. We paired them up with some fresh potato salad and some foo-foo green salad, and dinner was served.


The ribs turned out ok, but I think I prefer low and slow cooking on the WSM. And I will get a chance to use it tonight as that brisket I mentioned will go on in a couple of hours.

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