Brisket Brunch

by zydecopaws on March 28, 2010

Ok, it was more like lunch by the time we got around to eating it, but this is what happens when the brisket gets done early and you are about ready to cook a late breakfast for the family. What started out as a dinner menu item suddenly finds itself eaten much earlier in the day. And with zero complaints.

The brisket was a full packer and went on the WSM around 9:30 last night. Smoke wood was apple and mesquite pre-burn. Brisket was sprinkled liberally with cayenne, Cajun seasoning mix, salt, pepper, and granulated garlic, then placed fat side down on the WSM.


After about an hour the WSM was dialed in and holding steady at 220-225°F and left alone overnight. Much to my chagrin, it rained overnight, and when I got up in the morning was dreading what I might have to do to salvage the cook. Surprisingly enough, the WSM was still cranking at just under 200°F; a few vent adjustments and it came right back up to 220-225°F. The brisket was measuring about 145°F internally, so back in the house I went to shower and attend to other business. By 11:00 the internal temperature had risen between 195-205°F and (more importantly) the probe slid in and out like it was being stuck into butter.


In the house it went to rest, and around 30 minutes later I carved off the point and chopped it up for burnt ends. A little more seasoning, and back on the WSM it went.


Now it was time to work the brisket into the brunch menu. Since we were originally going to have breakfast burritos, the bacon was put back in the refrigerator and it was time for brisket and egg tacos (burritos, for those that were able to roll them up).


I’m here to tell you that these were a huge hit with the family. I’m guessing that Oldest Daughter will be looking at these later and really be wishing she stopped by this morning.

Oh, and the rest of the brisket was sliced with most of it going in the freezer for later.


As you can see, we got some nice smoke rings, but even more importantly the meat was just about perfectly cooked. The appearance suffered more as a result of my poor carving skills than anything else, but the flavor was outstanding.

Now I just have to wait another hour or so for those burnt ends to finish cooking…

Update: The burnt ends are done. Now I have to do is hide them from the rest of the family.  Or eat them before they see them…

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