Timewarp Chicken

by zydecopaws on April 12, 2010

Tonight’s meal was supposed to be last night’s meal. At least the main course was. And since I was wished a Happy Quesday on a Monday by @BBQGrail earlier in the day, my sense of time was screwed up enough to declare a renaming of Spatchcock Chicken to Timewarp Chicken.


I’m almost embarrassed to post this meal as it was so darn easy to cook and yet so tasty. Spatchcocking a chicken involves cutting the backbone out, sprinkling the insides liberally with a spice mix (tonight it was salt, pepper, red chili powder, and basil), putting it on Bubba Ho-Keg at 325-350°F and cooking until it is 160°F internally. Throw in some wine-oak smoke wood (thanks <a href=”http://greenleafbbq.wordpress.com/”target=”_blank”>Green Leaf BBQ</a>) and you’re talking some good eats.


Timewarping the chicken includes all of the above directions modified as follows:

  • Prepare chicken by removing the spine and adding spices;
  • Fire up Bubba Ho-Keg;
  • Receive phone call from Oldest Daughter at hospital with compound fracture;
  • Throw chicken in refrigerator;
  • Close all vents on Bubba Ho-Keg;
  • Spend evening at hospital;
  • Go home and sleep for 4 hours;
  • Get up and have a Monday;
  • Finish work and pick up where you left off.

There you have it, Timewarp Chicken. And Oldest Daughter is home and doing fine; her surgery went well and she is expected to have a full recovery. But she won’t be going swimming on her vacation to Hawaii in three weeks…

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