I took the weekend off

by zydecopaws on April 19, 2010

On purpose. There were leftovers to eat, and restaurants to visit. So tonight SWMBO gave me permission to cook again. Like I needed that…

On the menu were chicken breasts with rib rub. That’s right, rib rub on chicken. Why? Because I can. After all, I had permission to cook. Cajun sweet potato grill fries were on there as well.


Looks like the chicken had the fries surrounded. Kept them from escaping before dinner, which fully assembled looked something like this.


I didn’t show it in the picture, but we drizzled some of the Big Butz Original flavor sauce on the chicken, and it was a darn good complement to the rib rub. The meal pretty much lent itself to groans of satisfaction (and second helpings).

Now I think I’ll go get SWMBO’s permission to park on the couch some more…

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