Try these on for thighs

by zydecopaws on April 24, 2010

It rained today, something that isn’t unusual for the Pacific NorthWet this time of year. Since pulled pork is on the menu again tomorrow I decided to be lazy and do something easy tonight. So chicken thighs it was.

The thighs were rubbed with chili powder, granulated garlic, salt, and something called “Barbecue Spice” from McCormick. When the thighs were just about done, they were brushed with some cranberry flavor Big Butz BBQ sauce.

The chicken turn out very good in spite of being cooked too fast (that’s right, I wasn’t paying close attention again) and the skin was just a bit rubbery. The smoke flavor pretty well overwhelmed the cranberry flavor; the results were good but In the future I’ll use it on skinless chicken.

And yes, that was leftover rice and canned pickled beets again. I said I was being lazy today…

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