Construction Worker Feast

by zydecopaws on April 28, 2010

As part of our single-handed efforts to revive the economy, we are having some work done on our lake house. And since Pigdog is using the same contractors, we decided to share a meal with some of them. Who knows, they might even give us a discount for some of the work…

My trusty old 18.5″ WSM joined the Flying Performer at Pigdog’s place. It may not look like it in this picture, but it turns out that even the sheltered side of the house acts like a wind tunnel.


The wind played heck with the WSM; the temperature at the lid never did get much about 200°F for the entire cook. Didn’t stop us from loading it up with spare ribs and MOINK. The ribs were in the lower rack, you can almost see them in this picture.


The ribs were dusted with some garlic powder and Cajun spice mix and thrown on the WSM for about 4 hours. After about 3 1/2 hours, they were glazed with some apple jelly.  MOINK were made in the traditional fashion. And at Pigdog’s request, they were joined by trashbag taters.


The end result looked something like this. Or at least the first plate did…


I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have to feed these guys again before we are done with the work. Judging from the noises at the table and the pile of bones on their plates, the meal was a hit.

Now about that discount…

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