3 out of 4 eaters recommend…

by zydecopaws on May 6, 2010

… the shrimp that was cooked on Bubba Ho-Keg tonight. The other is a 13-year old girl that masquerades as one of our kids. Most of the time she pulls it off, but sometimes she slips up and turns up her nose at food the rest of us find most excellent. I chalk it up to being a teenager.

But enough of that. The goal tonight was to cook up something easy since a brisket is going on the WSM later so that I can serve up some more of that brisket enchilasagna for card night tomorrow. More on that later. Carrots went on in a pot with some butter, balsamic vinegar, and fresh parsley while the rice was cooking in the house. Shrimp was skewered, dusted with Cajun seasoning mix, and then brushed with cayenne butter while on the grill.


For those of us that actually ate the shrimp, our plates looked something like this. Notice the improvement over the crappy taco photo from last night.


For three of us this meal really hit the spot. The other subsisted on rice, carrots, and the memory of a chicken breast eaten shortly after getting home from school. Her loss, our gain; we divided up the fourth skewer of shrimp among those of us that like this sort of meal.

As for tonight, a full packer is going on around 22:00. I expect it to be done in time for lunch; if I get real lucky it will be done sooner and I can have burnt ends for lunch. Either way, I win. And tomorrow night is brisket enchilasagna. Check back later for pictures…

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