Sorry Bob

by zydecopaws on May 8, 2010

As in, “Bob, I’m sorry the brisket enchilasagna almost did you in last night due to the spice content.” I swear I cut back on the heat content. Even the brisket itself was milder than normal. Only the non-fat cap side got the granulated garlic, salt, pepper, and Cajun seasoning mix treatment. I didn’t even add cayenne this time around.


After slaving over the WSM all night long… oh wait, that’s right, I pulled a Ron Popeil and “set it and forgot it”, locked in the WSM at 225°F, and went to bed. Brisket looked something like this when I got up in the morning.


Naturally I had to slice it up and test it out. You know, quality control…


The better looking slices were promptly attacked by the FoodSaver and tossed in the freezer for later. The point was chopped, sprinkled with more rub ingredients, and tossed back on the WSM to be turned into burnt ends. Notice I found a use for those pizza screens. Certainly not using them for pizza anymore


You’ll notice that the burnt ends have what looks like sauce on them. Very observant of you… A jar of the Big Butz Hot variety was opened; made for a great topping on the burnt ends. I brushed it on about 30 minutes before they were done, and then had to fight off the thundering hordes trying to beat down the door to the kitchen to get some of the burnt ends. Somehow I don’t think the wife and daughter are going to appreciate being referred to as thundering hordes, but it was all I could do to make sure the youngest had a few ends left for him after he got home for school.

Then it came time to make up a batch of brisket enchilasagna. It was my turn to cook for pinochle night, so I went ahead and made a double batch of it so as to be assured of having a home to return to after playing cards. Bob, I swear I used mild sauce and chilies in it. At least that’s what the cans said.


I do have to admit that I had mixed emotions about the amount of pain and suffering Bob went through. Part of me felt truly sorry for him, especially since I had made an attempt to tone down the heat. However, there was another part of me that seemed to enjoy the spectacle of Bob constantly returning for more sour cream and guacamole to cut the heat. I noticed he did finish his entire serving in spite of the sweat dripping off his forehead.

He didn’t have seconds though, and appeared to be real happy when it was time for ice cream…

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