by zydecopaws on May 12, 2010

… which is not to be confused with anti-pasta, although we did have something my wife called a salad pizza.


It was kind of a Caprese salad sort of pizza, with fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, and tomatoes on the usual TJ’s herb pizza dough with homemade sauce.

But I should back up a bit; Auntie is in town to keep track of kids, make sure the dog gets fed, and to see that no one hauls our house off while SWMBO collects on her Christmas present. In a foreign country not known for BBQ. For two weeks. I’m not sure what the posts are going to be like around here, but it appears they won’t include a lot of me cooking. Although you never know…

At any rate, the salad pizza was only the first course. You didn’t think we ate all that brisket in the enchilasagna, did you?


Next on the hit parade was the standard base covered with mozzarella cheese, brisket, mushrooms, and olives. I mentioned Auntie was visiting, didn’t I? A third pizza was also required, especially since Oldest Daughter made an appearance bearing gifts from her recent trip to Hawaii.


Nope, those aren’t macadamia nuts, but cashews did put in an appearance with some leftover pulled pork and crushed pineapple. The pineapple may have originally come from Hawaii, but it made its way to our house in a can via the grocery store. Or possibly Costlyco. I don’t pay close attention to these sort of details.

When all was said and done, the family was well-fed and I obtained the Auntie stamp of approval, even for a pizza that contained less-favored items. Amazing what you can overcome with leftover pulled pork…

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