Haggis isn’t BBQ

by zydecopaws on May 21, 2010

The Scots appear to be more than a bit confused about this thing called BBQ. We wandered all over Edinburgh and although we saw more signs of things that might be BBQ than in Dublin, none of them were very reassuring.

The first example of this was on the way to town from our hotel, a place where food should never be ordered and consumed. The hotel, not the place I am about to tell you about. In two separate visits to this hotel we have yet to have anything resembling a decent meal. Not a good example of Marriott hotel restaurants. But I digress…

On our way to town we spotted a restaurant named “Bar B Que”. This was enough to piqué my interest, until closer examination revealed the rest of the name. Pizzeria. And their specialty according to more text on the window? Fish and chips.

Now I know we cook a lot of pizza on Bubba Ho-Keg and try to pass it off as BBQ. But I would never consider opening a restaurant with this sort of name and not have a considerable amount of truly smoked meat to top said pizzas with, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have a deep fryer around for fish and chips. So much for truth in advertising; no BBQ here.

Undaunted, we continued our journey and my quest for foreign Q. The next sighting of BBQ possibilities happened in a Tesco, a scaled-down UK version of Wally World.

This poor little fellow was sitting all by itself next to the bargain DVD display at the check stand. It looked to be one of the cheap Weber Smokey Joe knock-offs, but here it might be BBQ grill royalty. I suppose if a person knew what he was doing he could actualy make some real BBQ on this, but he would have to start by chopping some wood and making his own fuel source as there was no sign of charcoal lump, briquettes, or even Matchlight to be found anywhere in the store. Still no BBQ here.

The last sign of hope was to be found on the Maid Of The Forth, a river cruise ship to Inchcolm Abbey. It appears you can take an evening jazz cruise and have “BBQ by request”.

Judging from what we have paid for food so far, I suspect the optional £6 for BBQ would get you a grilled burger or hot dog with some BBQ sauce on the side. I certainly didn’t see any sign of a smoker or grill on board the Maid Of The Forth, and I doubt they would allow any kind of open fires onboard anyway. Sailors are funny about that sort of thing…

Next stop is London. Although I don’t have high hopes, at least Google searches show that an American has opened up several “American style BBQ” restaurants and scattered them about the city. Who knows, I might find myself in the BBQ restaurant review business sometime in the upcoming week…

Oh, and haggis isn’t BBQ, but it isn’t as bad as it might seem. Although it does appear to be one of those love-hate things; SWMBO took a small bite and made a face of displeasure that led me to believe she is on the “hate haggis” side of that equation…
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