Jet Lag and Torrential Rain Ribs

by zydecopaws on June 1, 2010

In spite of jet lag and typical Pacific NorthWet May weather, ribs and beans were on the WSM yesterday. The jet lag contributed to the lateness of the post; after dinner last night I was in no condition to write a post. Not that anyone could tell the difference…

The ribs went on just after noon, and were full spares cut up St. Louis style. Can anyone tell me why there always seems to be more trimmings than ribs on the grill when you get done doing this?


You can’t see them in the picture, but there were some smoke beans hiding down on the lower grate. The ribs were given a mustard slather then sprinkled with some basic rib rub, then brushed with some Big Butz BBQ sauce (hot) about 30 minutes before they were ready to come off.

The real fun came about midway through the cook when the light drizzle turned into a monsoon. I hadn’t bothered with the pop-up canopy in the drizzle, and needed to rig up a cover in a hurry. Here’s what I came up with.


A closer look at the handle reveals the next best thing to duct tape holding the umbrella to the clamp; cable ties. Everybody should have a stock of these lying around just for situations like this.


One of these days I’ll get a proper year-round shelter made for the grills. Won’t be soon though, and in the meantime good old ingenuity will just have to do. And I don’t want to see this picture showing up on There, I Fixed It without permission. Remember, it allowed be to turn out a meal that looked like this.


In spite of the challenges, the ribs and beans disappeared quickly and there were no complaints from anyone at the table. Now it’s time to go to work and deal with the 1700+ emails in my inbox…

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