Fish for Auntie

by zydecopaws on June 3, 2010

Auntie’s visit is winding down, and since the weekend menu is already set (pulled chicken, burgers, and hot dogs for an event tomorrow, MOINK on Saturday, and birthday boy’s choice on Sunday) I figured I’d better fix her a nice fish dinner tonight. Apparently taking her out for sushi last night didn’t count…


Mahi-mahi was on Bubba Ho-Keg; notice the lack of basket for tonight. Occasionally you have to man up and prove that you can actually cook fish directly on the grill. Spices included sea salt, granulated garlic, red chili powder, and some crushed cilantro.


I also pulled out a recipe I hadn’t made in almost a year and fixed some mango-avocado salsa. If you follow that link, you’ll find the recipe for the Spanish rice you see on the plate as well. Dinner was highly praised by the guest (she really liked the salsa), and I have fulfilled my commitment to cook fish while she was in town.

Tomorrow I strap the Mothership to the truck and take off to a local park to feed somewhere between 40 and 60 people. Or more. The guest list is somewhat of a mystery at this point. Check back later to see what sort of misadventures I have; the forecast is for more torrential rains. Ought to be a interesting picnic…

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