The Flight of the Mothership

by zydecopaws on June 4, 2010

Residents of our town were treated to an unusual sight today. The Mothership (Weber Ranch Kettle) was loaded on the back of the Tundra and paraded around town (or at least through the Starbucks drive-through) on it’s way to the local regional park for the annual middle school Science Olympiad BBQ.


The long-time readers of this blog (all 3 of you) might remember that last year I did this using the 18.5″ WSM and a couple of the Smokey Joes. I finally got tired of hauling around all those grills, and since I had a request to cook pulled chicken again, there really wasn’t a need to take a smoker as this is something I can easily do in a kettle. Or even Bubba Ho-Keg as long as I use the plate setter. So I went down to the local hardware store, picked up a ramp kit and a couple of 2x12s, loaded up the Mothership, and proceeded to get strange looks as I drove through town.


No strange looks at the SCIOLY event though. The picture above is the last one I was able to take at the event; I was rather busy pulling the chicken and loading up the Mothership with burgers and hot dogs for 40. It must have been a success; I didn’t bring home very many leftovers and no one walked away hungry.

Now that I have an easy way to transport the Mothership, I have a feeling the folks in town will be seeing more of it. I just hope no one asks me why I’m wearing a tinfoil hat…

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