Who let the dogs out?

by zydecopaws on June 25, 2010

I did; they were hiding in the freezer in an unsuccessful attempt to escape the latest round of freezer diving. And once they were out, what better to do with them than to put them on Bubba Ho-Keg with some tater fries?


The dogs in question tonight were some skinny beef franks and those chicken-apple sausages we are so fond of. We served them up with and without buns, and with a topping of some onions sliced thin and cooked in a foil pouch with a little butter. Looked like sauerkraut, but tasted a lot different.


This latest round of freezer diving may have been enough to get us to the point where I can put the remainder of the food in ice chests and get the freezer defrosted. Just in time to restock it for upcoming holidays and extended family cookouts.

Now I just need someone to eat up all of those leftover dogs taking up residence in the refrigerator…

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