No Butz Sauce review, Bubba Ho-Keg mods, and other topics

by zydecopaws on June 28, 2010

This morning started out as a manic Monday, and this evening was no different. Without boring you with all the festivities at the job, I’ll stick to this evening’s topics as there is plenty to discuss. We got sauce reviews, Bubba Ho-Keg mods, and (of course) the latest meal cooked outdoors. Not necessarily in that order…

First off, the friendly neighborhood postal carrier was kind enough to deliver a large batch of Big Butz BBQ Sauce, this of the special No Butz variety. Now before I get into my (mostly) unbiased review, a little disclosure up front. I paid for this sauce, so anything I have to say about it is untainted by bribery, freebies, or other such things frowned upon by the FCC and other Big Brother agencies that seem to want to save us from ourselves.

The first thing you notice when you open the box is that whoever was writing the labels by hand had been in the sauce, and it was affecting their writing style.


This stuff is so new that Tom from Big Butz BBQ hasn’t had time to get labels printed yet. From what I can tell he is more interested in keeping up with the demand than fancy packaging. And for that we are grateful.

The other thing you should notice is the warning on the label. For those of you that don’t know what Bhut Jolokia is, I suggest you follow that link on over to Wikipedia and take a real close look at the end of that first sentence. The part about it being the hottest pepper in the world. Pay attention, this is important. This sauce is pretty spicy and should not be poured on things in large quantities like you might with ketchup and other wimpy sauces.

Understand that we like hot food in this house (cayenne pepper is a food group) and have a pretty high tolerance for spicy eats. Even so, we approached this sauce carefully. On opening the lid you get a whiff of aroma that is distinctly Big Butz. It’s sweet, smokey, and enticing. A quick dip of the finger into the sauce didn’t light my skin on fire, and a quick taste led me to believe I could get away with putting a fair amount on the main course for tonight, chicken burritos. Or soft tacos, as they get stuffed so full around here that you can’t always roll them.


As you can see from the picture, I was fairly generous with the No Butz sauce, yet restrained from going overboard. The verdict? No Butz was a huge hit as it is flavorful as well as spicy. The sweet and smoke flavor combine well with the bite from the pepper. This sauce is not for the faint of heart, but will likely become a staple around here. My wife liked it a lot, and suggested (rightfully so) that this would be an excellent sauce for pulled pork. I have some on the menu for the 4th of July, so you can bet some will make its way into the meal. At least ours, I don’t think most of the guests would be able to handle it based on previous celebrations. Bunch of wimps…

A little of this sauce will go a long way. And Liz, don’t try this at home; it will put Bob in his grave. This sauce is not for the faint of heart, but if you like spicy, you’ll want to get yourself some of this. And no, I don’t get commissions if you buy some. But tell Tom you saw the review here and had to try yourself some No Butz sauce. You have to ask for it special on his website; as of this writing he doesn’t have it listed yet. It will likely become an everyday staple around here.

Now on to other topics. Tonight was the second cook on Bubba Ho-Keg since modifying the lower vent. Since you already saw the end result of the main course, here it is cooking on the grill.


For those keeping track, those are grilled sweet white onions and jalapeno peppers in the grill basket. They were hidden under all that sauce and guacamole in the plated picture. The chicken breasts were dusted with some taco seasoning, red chili powder, and Cajun seasoning mix. I was going to add some cayenne, but figured I’d leave that out so as not to confuse the sauce tasting. And as long as we are on the topic of food from Bubba Ho-Keg tonight, grilled pineapple was for dessert. Served over vanilla ice cream, it was a welcome addition considering the heat from the main course. Other parts of my anatomy may thank me later…


I did mention a modification to Bubba Ho-Keg. I finally found a lower vent mod that was simple yet appears to be very effective at adjusting temps at the lower range of the spectrum. I took some foil duct tape (the kind recommended for HVAC applications, not the standard duct tape), cut it into triangular pieces, and applied it to the lower vent as you see in the picture below.


This is similar to those where people have cut pieces of aluminum and stuck them in the vents, but using the tape is not only easier but also seems to stick in the same place better. Although neither of the two cooks since applying were truly low-and-slow, I did notice a big difference in how the kettle responds based on vent openings. My belief is that this particular configuration will result in better low temperature control without sacrificing those extreme high temps we like so much for steaks and pizza. Time will tell…

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