It’s that time of year again

by zydecopaws on July 3, 2010

Pigdog’s family is in town once again for the annual Independence Day celebration and other general nonsense. And, as the fourth son they never had, it was once again my pleasure to cook up a brisket for Pigdog’s dad. And since one never seems to be enough, I went ahead and went for two.


As you can see from the picture, there wasn’t much room left on the top grill after the briskets were rubbed up in the normal fashion (granulated garlic, salt, pepper, and some Cajun Seasoning mix). Yeah, I know I could have put one on the lower grill since I wasn’t cooking anything else there, but where’s the challenge in that?

The briskets went on about 1:00 in the morning and were done about 12 hours later. They looked like this right before I started tearing them apart while taking them off the grill.


The smaller one came off first after ripping off the remainder of the fat cap that was stuck to the grill. Note to self: always have a spatula handy when doing this in the future.

Undeterred, I happily removed the point from each brisket, chopped them into chunks, added another layer of rub and put them back on the WSM for another couple of hours. Notice I finally found a good use for those pizza screens…


Then it was time for some sauce. Knowing that I would be dealing with delicate palates (translation: wimps) I brushed one batch with some plain Sweet Baby Rays. Also knowing that there would be at least one or two adventuresome types there, I brushed the other with some Big Butz Extra Hot. Which is nowhere near as hot as the No Butz, which you would know if you read the review I wrote the other day. I wasn’t about to waste any of that as dinner isn’t much fun when the paramedics have to be called to put out the flames.


From there the burnt ends spent another hour or so on the WSM until shortly before it was time to go. In the meantime, it was time for a big batch of trashbag potatoes to go on the Mothership.


I don’t have any plated pictures, or for that matter pictures of the trashbag taters when they were finished. Things got a bit hectic when it was time to leave to take everything over to Pigdog’s house for dinner. However I do have a picture of the brisket being sliced for your viewing pleasure.


The meal turned out quite nice, and judging from the amount of food consumed and the noises coming from those at the table during dinner it was very much enjoyed. There were even references to the by the older woman customer in the deli scene from When Harry Met Sally. You know that scene, the one where she says to the waitress “I’ll have what she’s having”…

And then there were the usual bizarro world conversations and hijinks that always seem to happen when too many of us are gathered in one place at a time. I’ll leave you with a short video that was filmed tonight that should give you an idea of the sort of thing that goes on.

I hope all of you out there have a happy and safe Independence Day celebration tomorrow. For those reading this outside the US, go outdoors and cook something tomorrow and celebrate virtually with us. And have a nice weekend even if you don’t.

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