Ribeye and Baked Potato Coma

by zydecopaws on July 16, 2010

This week was full of Mondays and it was time to take action now that Friday had finally arrived. What better way to put the work week behind than to put yourself into a ribeye steak and baked potato induced coma?


For good measure, I included some zucchini brushed with EVOO and topped with granulated garlic, salt, pepper, and some parmesan cheese. In the foil was Walla Walla onions and fresh mushrooms with a dash of balsamic vinaigrette and a pat of butter. It all came together on an enormous plate of coma-inducing goodness.


Ordinarily I’d try to end this post with something witty, but I feel a nap coming on. Feel free to come up with your own witty and/or snarky remarks and put them in the comments. Happy Friday!

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