Meatsicles and taters

by zydecopaws on July 17, 2010

Having recovered from yesterday’s ribeye steak and baked potato coma with a leisurely day of fishing, mini-golf, and hanging with the 8-year old boy, we found ourselves in the local grocery store looking for something to throw on the grill for dinner. And since one good food-induced coma deserves another, tonight it was meatsicles and taters for dinner.


The slab of ribs were dusted with granulated garlic, Cajun seasoning mix, and some Kirkland sweet mesquite seasoning mix and put on the OTG away from the coals for just under 2 hours. They finished faster than I expected them to; I guess one of these days I ought to modify the OTG with a thermometer so that I can get actual grill temps rather than guessing at them. Like I have done for years.

The ribs were joined by more of those enormous and tasty russet potatoes, and treated the same way once they hit the table (sour cream, butter, and shredded cheese; there wasn’t any leftover bacon from breakfast or it would have gone on them as well). Some sliced watermelon at the insistence of a certain 8-year old red-headed boy, and dinner was served.


I haven’t had dino bones (meatsicles) in a long time, and had been craving them for quite some time. Now that the craving has been satisfied, I should probably spend the next week eating something lighter and healthier.

Or not…

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