It must be ribeye season…

by zydecopaws on July 22, 2010

… because we had them again for dinner tonight. I was picking up supplies at the local Cash & Carry for an event next week and scored a boneless rib roast for a great price. And since it had to be sliced into steaks before going in the freezer we figured we might as well have the end pieces for dinner.


The steaks were sprinkled with a dash of sea salt, pepper, granulated garlic, and Cajun seasoning mix before making their way to Bubba Ho-Keg, and were joined on the plate with some leftover brown rice from Tuesday’s cast iron stir fry and some fresh broccoli. No coma’s tonight; I have to get up early tomorrow.


I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, tonight’s meal was wonderful. Even if it didn’t induce a coma. And tomorrow? Another cast iron pot will be christened and put on Bubba Ho-Keg to make ribeye chili. Did I mention that there were trimmings from the cutting of the steaks?

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