Nothing wrong with a small butt

by zydecopaws on July 25, 2010

Yeah, I know, everyone likes big butts, but it turns out that there is something to be said for small butts as well. Yesterday I cooked for a small (around 25) gathering to celebrate Bob’s (he of the delicate palate) 40th birthday. What I thought were going to be two enormous pork shoulders in the cryovac package turned out to be five much smaller cuts. The majority of the fat had been removed and what was left were five very dense hunks of nice looking butts.

This did create a bit of an issue; I was concerned (rightfully so, as it turned out) about the smaller cuts cooking faster so I ended up putting them on the WSM much later than I had originally planned to. The butts were prepared in the usual fashion and put on the WSM about 23:00 Friday night.


By 07:30 the next morning, they were already registering over 170°F internally, so I lowered the WSM temperature and sopped them a few times over the next hour until they were ready to come off. As you can see by comparing the pictures, they shrunk a bit, but not a lot.


Now this by itself was probably enough to feed the crowd we were expecting, but when did I ever go to one of these events with only one tray of food? Pulled chicken was on the menu as well. Gotta have some thighs to go with that butt…


I should probably apologize for all the shadows in that picture, but my skills with a camera are average at best. Bob will attest to that; he is a very skilled photographer and I hear he is relaunching his website in the very near future (shameless plug here in return for some link love). One of these days I ought to drag him over here and have him take pictures of the food so I can concentrate on the cooking. Oh, and actually get a hot meal as soon as it hits the plate instead of standing around messing with a camera while my family shakes their head and looks at me funny.

At any rate, I took over a big batch of pulled pork…


And a not-quite-as-big batch of pulled chicken…


And some hot dogs that jumped on to the WSM when I wasn’t looking…


The guests all seemed pleased with the results, and it appears I’ll be joining LizBob for dinner later this week to help them deal with the leftovers. I believe Bubba Ho-Keg may be making a roadtrip and that pizza will be served. Who knows, there might even be homemade artisan dough for these…

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