The Return of the CrockaQue

by zydecopaws on August 1, 2010

It’s been 6 months since I introduced the world to the CrockaQue, and since no one else was around today besides the dog I figured I might as well pull it out and put it to use while I was cleaning the garage. For those having trouble remembering (or too lazy to click on the previous link) the CrockaQue, here’s a glamor photo prior to today’s effort.


Ain’t she a beauty? And look, I even have the setting correct for today’s cook, as we are going low and slow. As I would in the WSM, the briquettes were prepared for the CrockaQue version of the Minion Method with a layer of coals and some mesquite chunks.


A chimney was employed to fire up the briquettes. If you look closely, you can see them way down in the bottom of the chimney. The CrockaQue is a fuel miser (mostly because it doesn’t hold a lot to begin with).


The lit coals were poured on top, and it was time to cook. As it turned out, I actually had a lot more charcoal in there than I really needed.


The menu plan was a staple in the BBQ world; the ubiquitous fatty. A JD sage sausage chub was flattened in a Ziploc bag and topped with a shredded cheese mix, onions, peppers, and mushrooms. All of which was left over from the Great Mobile Pizza Adventure (also known as the Great LizBob Kitchen Disaster) on Friday.


The mix was rolled back up into a log and heavily dusted with some rib rub (it’s not just for ribs) and put on the CrockaQue to cook.


I wasn’t sure the CrockaQue could be trusted without supervision, so Bubba Ho-Keg was employed to keep a close eye on it while I went back to cleaning the garage.


Since we were smoking and not grilling, the CrockaQue needed a hat. The Weber pan used previously was too shallow so a medium food tray pan was used instead. The CrockaQue looks ravishing with its new chapeau…


After about 90 minutes the fatty was done (as measured with the amazing RED Thermapen; can’t be too careful here). Bubba Ho-Keg was my witness…


Here’s a closer look at the finished product right before removal from the CrockaQue. Proof that this is a serious grill. Sort of. OK, maybe not.


Laugh all you want at the absurdity of this; the fatty was a winner (at least as fatties go). Look at how nicely cooked the fillings are…


One more shot before it disappears. Those slices on the right were my lunch and are long gone as I write this. I’m almost ashamed to admit this was one of the better fatties I’ve prepared; I may have to cook a couple more on Bubba Ho-Keg and the WSM so they don’t get jealous…


And there you have it, the Return of the CrockaQue. The next time you see it in action will likely be at the Bay Area Brethren Bash in October. But you’re always welcome to come back here and gaze at the wonder of this post anytime you like. Or simply shake your head and wonder why I bothered…

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