We Got Burgers!

by zydecopaws on August 11, 2010

I recently won a drawing on the Burger Forum over at Grilliant Ideas for some free burgers and Mr. Happy (the regular UPS driver that never smiles; I don’t think he likes our driveway) delivered them today. I was given the opportunity to choose from their variety of gourmet burgers, and went with the Jalapeno/Cheddar burgers.


The package said I was getting “2 x 1 lb 5 inch” burgers; what I got was 4 1/2 pound monster burgers that took up a surprising amount of space on Bubba Ho-Keg and didn’t shrink much while cooking.


I grilled them up with some grill fries and donut peaches (nope, not out of them yet) and loaded up a couple of buns with the usual condiments and toppings. I didn’t put cheese on since the burgers already had cheddar in them, and Big Butz No Butz sauce only went on one of the buns so that I could see just how much of the jalapeno flavor there really was in the burgers themselves.


Allow me to go on record as saying that is a lot of burger even after cooking. The jalapeno and cheddar smell was very pronounced as they came off the grill, and the flavors really came through when it came time to eat. I was very pleased with the end result; one of these days I’m going to have to order some of the other flavors and try smoking them rather that grilling them to add some additional smoke flavor.

I guess the real proof that these were good is that I am considering buying some more to have in the freezer for the rare occasions where we cook burgers. As you might expect, these are a bit pricey due to shipping costs, but if you want a good gourmet burger that you don’t have to mix up yourself, these are a great option.

And the best part is I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow…

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