BBQ, it’s what’s for… Breakfast?

by zydecopaws on August 15, 2010

Remember those cheesy potatoes from the other night? I got to thinking about those and the comment that suggested I make them for breakfast. So I did…

I made a few modifications to the recipe. Partly because of things learned from the last cook and partly because I was out of the jalapeno-peppadew cheese. This time around I got a fairly heavy pie tin and rubbed the bottom with a couple of pieces of bacon left over from the last round of MOINK. The bacon was then chopped, thrown in the bottom of the pan, and covered with a layer of sliced potatoes. The potatoes were topped with a mixture of Anaheim chilies, bell peppers, and scallions, and then generously sprinkled with grated cheese (the remainder of the Mexican blend and some four-cheese Italian blend that needed to be used up).


This was then topped with another layer of the same, then a final layer of sliced potatoes, a light topping of cheese, and some salt, pepper, and granulated garlic. It looked like this before being covered in foil and put on Bubba Ho-Keg.


Cheesy taters does not a breakfast in itself make. But if it has a fatty to keep it company, it begins to have the makings of a meal. Since I was cooking on Bubba Ho-Keg, a full size fatty was in order. Two chubs of JD Hot and a mixture of chilies, peppers, mushrooms, and scallions led to this colorful sight.


The rest of the shredded cheese was added, and we were ready to roll. No pun intended…


Bubba Ho-Keg was rocking at a nice steady 225°F for the entire cook (about 90 minutes). The manufacturer’s diffuser showed up a week or so ago and I’ve been playing with it lately. I have to admit it works really well; too bad they are having issues of some sort and pulled it off their web site. But more about that later; one of these days I’ll get around to doing a review of it and compare it with the other options I’ve used. Who knows, maybe this could be the next running gag around here as I put it off for several months…

But once again, I digress. Back to breakfast.


Some scrambled eggs were in order to round out the meal. I was pretty hungry by this point and didn’t want to wait for Bubba Ho-Keg to heat up so the eggs could be cooked on the grill, so I settled for cooking them on the stove in the house (yes, we have one of those and I actually know how to use it).


So there you have it, Breakfast with Bubba Ho-Keg. Now pardon me while I go clean the kitchen. SWMBO and the kids come home from their visit with Auntie this evening and I need to clean up the mess I made while they were gone.

Anybody seen my rubber gloves and safety goggles?

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