Impromptu Fajitas

by zydecopaws on August 19, 2010

I can pretty much set my watch around a certain red-haired boy that lives in our house. Every day at 4:00 his stomach alarm goes off and causes him to appear in front of the wife demanding something to eat. This kicks off a process where I am joined in my office by everyone that happens to be in the house at the time wanting to know what I am cooking for dinner. Since I work from home, this can sometimes be very awkward, especially if I’m on a call at the time.

It’s become a ritual around here, and if I haven’t given any thought earlier in the day as to what I might cook the next step in the process is to go stick my head in the freezer, the refrigerator, and various cabinets to see what I can whip up without a lot of advance planning. Tonight was one of those nights, and after a bit of searching, chicken fajitas were on the menu.

Chicken breasts were dusted with taco seasoning mix, red chili powder, some granulated garlic, and tossed on Bubba Ho-Keg next to a grill basket with onions and green bell peppers. After a bit, the grill basket was replaced with a cast iron pan with a bit of EVOO in the bottom and the onions and peppers dumped in.


Shortly after this picture was taken, the chicken was removed from the grill, sliced into thin strips, and mixed in with the onions a peppers. A concoction of red wine, chipotle Tabasco sauce, and Worcestershire sauce was added to the pot. The pot was covered and left on the grill just long enough for the flavors to all run together (about 3 minutes).


All we had in the house in the way of tortillas was the large flour burrito variety, so the fajitas were a little larger than normal. Some white cheddar cheese, chopped tomatoes, and fresh guacamole joined the meat mixture on the tortilla, and dinner was served.


For something thrown together without a lot of forethought, this was a pretty good meal. And that red-haired boy is now running around outside and working off the meal so that we can do this all over again tomorrow…

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