We apprehend the PurpleTaters

by zydecopaws on August 23, 2010

Not only did we apprehend the PurpleTaters, but we roasted them and ate them as well. We’re at the lake today, and although the contractors haven’t completely finished all the work on the lake house, it’s far enough along that we can actually use it again. So to celebrate, out came the Performer, on went some ribeye steaks, and those PurpleTaters.


The PurpleTaters in question were some “gourmet specialty” taters I spotted at Costlyco over the weekend and had to try. They are a medley of roasting-sized gold, red, and purple potatoes. These were left whole, brushed with a little EVOO, dusted with some granulated garlic, salt, and pepper, joined by a red onion and some fresh basil sprigs, and put on the Performer over indirect heat (about 400°F) for about 40 minutes. As you can see from the picture they were accompanied by some nice ribeye steaks and a mystery foil pouch. For those that are interested, the mystery foil pouch contained some sliced mushrooms in butter that somehow never seemed to make it into any of the pictures tonight. I guess they were camera shy…


I was a bit surprised to see that the PurpleTaters were not only purple on the outside, but purple through and through. In case you can’t make it out in the photo above, here’s a closeup of one that I cut in half.


The color didn’t seem to affect the taste, but having had a recent encounter with an eggplant (you’ll see the results in an upcoming post) I couldn’t help but think there was just a hint of eggplant flavor in the PurpleTaters.

But then again, it could have been all in my imagination. I’m thinking about roasting some more and making potato salad out of them; it’s not every day you have PurpleTater Salad…

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