PurpleTater Salad

by zydecopaws on August 24, 2010

The rest of those PurpleTaters from last night were calling to me all day, so I took the opportunity to roast up the rest of them (and their red and gold partners) and turn them into potato salad. The roasting process was pretty much the same as yesterday; the only difference was a bit more salt and some Cajun seasoning mix before they went on the grill. Those big things in the corner were two halves of a sweet white onion.


About 30 minutes at 400°F of indirect heat and the taters were ready to turn into salad. Even if you don’t turn the taters into salad, I highly recommend you cook some this way and give them a try; several of them didn’t survive the cutting process and never did make it into the salad.


The taters and onions were quartered and mixed in a bowl with about two heaping soup spoons of mayo and one of dijon mustard. Some crushed basil and rosemary were added and the whole things stirred thoroughly. While this was going on, chicken sausages (spicy cheddar and tomato-provolone) were doing their thing on the Performer.


And yes, once again I made enough to have leftovers; we weren’t feeding the neighborhood. The final plated results looked like this.


The PurpleTater salad was excellent and disappeared quickly. Once the kids got a taste of the roasted taters last night, the color was no longer an issue.

And it was another beautiful day at the lake. I could really get used to this…

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