Back to School Burgers

by zydecopaws on September 8, 2010

The kiddies went back to school today, and according to Younger Daughter some sort of tradition exists where I am required to BBQ on both the first and last days of school. Not being one to mess with tradition (well, at least not too much) I fired up Bubba Ho-Keg and on went the burgers and grill fries.


The burgers were a last-minute substitution for a meal to be cooked on another day. Apparently turmeric is a required ingredient for “real” satay, so tonight we had to settle for this since my spice cabinet doesn’t normally include things like that.


No complaints were registered about the meal, and it managed to get cooked between rain showers. I get the feeling we are in for a colder and wetter winter this year. Good thing I have plenty of charcoal put aside in the garage…

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