Teriyaki Skewers

by zydecopaws on September 19, 2010

No scathing review tonight, just a little experiment with tri-tip and bamboo skewers. I used the marinade from teriyaki strips on some cubed tri-tip fixed in a similar fashion to the beef satay I made last week. No messing about with the CrockaQue tonight; I wanted to get these done before it started raining again.


Some carrots with butter, balsamic vinegar, and brown sugar were on Bubba Ho-Keg before the kebabs went on, and turned out real well in a cast iron pot.


The results were pretty good, but SWMBO has convinced me that I better go back to making teriyaki strips. She likes more of the teriyaki flavor with these, and the short marinating time coupled with less surface area makes these a meaty treat, but not as sweet as the strips.


Didn’t stop me from eating my share, and there will be leftovers for lunch tomorrow, which isn’t always the case with the teriyaki strips.

Oh, and no fermented ketchup was served with this meal.

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