It’s about Thyme…

by zydecopaws on September 24, 2010


… but has nothing to do with space or two guys on a ridiculous sitcom from the 60’s that borrowed props from Gilligan’s Island. It does have something to do with a desire to cook some salmon and shrimp while using up some fresh thyme that would soon be past its time. The thyme made its way into the roasted potatoes as well; I’m happy to say there isn’t any more of it left. One less thing to clean out of the refrigerator this weekend…


Some leftover raspberry-chipotle sauce made its way onto the plate as well. It went real well with both the shrimp and the salmon; check back on Monday for the full story of where this came from and why it keeps making an appearance.

Pork butts are going on the WSM tomorrow, and I promise to tell the full story of the fermented ketchup in the very near future. Irregular posts this week were a result of traveling for the job that allows me to indulge in this sort of frivolity; sometimes it has to be attended to in order to keep the paychecks coming.

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