Let the BBQ vacation begin…

by zydecopaws on October 19, 2010

Ok, before anyone thinks that I’m taking a vacation from barbecuing, let me go on record as saying nothing could be further from the truth. This week I am taking a vacation from my day job, abandoning the well-armed wife, kids, and vicious big-eared guard dog to spend some time in the Bay Area of California. I know, the Bay Area isn’t exactly known as a BBQ Mecca (or even a hot bed of BBQ, for that matter), but it is host to a BBQ Brethren Bash this coming Saturday and happens to be home to some fellow outdoor-cooking bloggers and other buddies that are into the BBQ scene. And lets face it, the Bay Area has lots of other great food besides BBQ, and I fully intend to take advantage of it.

So I loaded the CrockaQue and a couple of the Pyromids in the Honda and set out for California. This morning I found myself in Redding, and on the advice of more than a few folks on Twitter I stopped in to visit Jimmy James BBQ Pro Shop and see what a Tropical Palapas was.


You’ll have to excuse the pictures; my real camera was packed away and today’s photos were all taken with the 3GS iPhone. The sun was out in full force in Redding this morning, and the shade from the overhang of the building made the sign more than a bit difficult to read. Once inside though, I was greeted by Jim and Tori Fallis and proceeded to waste the next hour of Jim’s time shooting the bull and admiring his palapas. He sold his last BBQ island over the weekend, and was pretty low on cookers as well, but he did have a good stock of rubs…


… and sauces as well.


If you look closely at that picture, you’ll see a Big Green Egg Mini on the top right shelf. If there is room in the Honda and money in my wallet on the way home it might migrate a bit further north…

They also have a nice stock of BBQ tools; I picked up a set of Bear Claws for pulling pork. Never know when something like that might come in handy…


I also got to go out back and look over the homemade smoker used by the owner of Dill’s Grill next door. This was an enormous trailered beast that he uses every day for the deli. I figure if I time it right, I should be able to eat lunch there on my way home. If their BBQ is as good as the egg burrito I had for breakfast it should be well worth the stop.


In closing, if you ever happen to be driving through Redding on your way somewhere else (or happen to live in the area), take a few minutes and stop in to see Jim and Tori. Nice people, great selection of BBQ-related stuff, and good eats right next door. And if you don’t ever get out that way, check them out online.

Oh, and as a final disclaimer, they didn’t pay me to say any of this, although I did score a bottle of Cripple Creek Chipotle BBQ Sauce for free after buying some charcoal, rubs, and those Bear Claws. I have to share that this weekend with @BBQGrail and @LandarcBBQ though; they’re the ones that shamed @JimmyJamesBBQ into parting with something for free…

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