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by zydecopaws on October 22, 2010

Tonight a bunch of us got together for a pre-Bash meal at Phat Matt’s BBQ in Oakland. The California version of Oakland, not the Oregon version. For those that don’t remember, Phat Matt’s sets the standard that other BBQ restaurants should aspire to. Great food, good prices, fantastic service, great people, and tonight was no exception.

Several of the BBQ Brethren were there; Smoke Jumper, Landarc, Old Smoke, Big Butz BBQ (all the way from Wisconsin), Ribet69, and JiveTurkey were all in the building. BBQ Grail attended virtually via Skype, and was well represented by his effigy.


The appetizers were flowing freely during the evening. We started off with bacon-wrapped stuffed peppers and MOINK balls.


Followed shortly thereafter by bacon wrapped hickory smoked pork loin.


And then followed a bit later by something they call burnt end potatoes. Basically this is a monster russet potato that has been baked, scooped out, and refilled by burnt ends and melted cheese, then topped with sour cream, green onions, and bacon bits.


Keep in mind that so far we’ve been dealing with “appetizers”, although that burnt end potato was a meal in and of itself. Didn’t stop me from ordering a two-meat combo (brisket and pulled pork with sides of mac and cheese and collard greens). Followed of course by one of Charlotte’s homemade desserts, tonight being a triple fudge brownie with bacon candy. I’m expecting a call from my cardiologist any minute now.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all. And this was only a prelude to tomorrow. We have a special entree planned for the CrockaQue, and from the sounds of it there will be a lot of real treats showing up at the Bash tomorrow. For now, I think I will go out and run around the hotel several times to work off an appetite by tomorrow…

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