Crock Lobster

by zydecopaws on October 23, 2010


The Bay Area BBQ Brethren Bash was held today in Green Leaf BBQ’s parking lot in Livermore. I have plenty of stories to tell and lots of pictures to share over the next few days, so sit back and enjoy the first bit of silliness, that of cooking fresh lobster on the CrockaQue. It had to be done…

Proper lump charcoal was used for this cook. Although I almost set someone’s kid on fire with the sparks from lighting the charcoal with a MAPP torch, no humans were harmed in the cooking of this lobster. Can’t say much for the lobster though; with a little instruction he went from cranky crustacean to crispy critter in the space of about 20 minutes.


Rob from Into The Flames supplied the lobster and some herb butter that was liberally applied at the beginning of the cook. During the process the lobster was continually bathed in fresh butter, and the results were pretty darn good. The claws took a little longer to cook, and had to be returned to the grill after the rest of the lobster was cut up and passed around.


About the only complaint I heard about the lobster is that there wasn’t more of it. Although I doubt anyone went hungry with all the other food that was cooked during the day. Check back later, it’s gonna take a few posts to do this event justice…

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