The CrockaQue wasn’t the only game in town…

by zydecopaws on October 27, 2010


The BBQ Vacation is over, but there are still stories to be told. I’m not sure how we managed it, but the BBQ Brethren in attendance were all rounded up and posed for the group shot above. As you can see from the big smiles and droopy eyelids, most of us were well into a meat coma when this picture was taken.

And before anyone thinks that the only thing cooked was a Crock Lobster, let me assure you that there were plenty of other grills and a lot of other food. What follows is a representative (but not comprehensive) pictorial essay of a lot of fun that happened last Saturday.

The Bash was held at Blacksmith Square in Livermore, just outside of the Green Leaf BBQ shop. Tim and Carrie were nice enough to host this madness, and we repaid them by doing things like this to the inside of their shop.


Outside the shop were an array of pellet poopers, Big Green Eggs, and pizza ovens. Oh, and a WSM for good measure…


One of these days I should probably invest in a camera with a wide angle lens. I seem to remember mentioning a pizza oven and a WSM…


Phat Matt was nice enough to bring his Klose, and then proceeded to spend most of the day cooking. So much for his day off…


Some of the goodies that came off the Klose included some killer babyback ribs and grilled oysters…


… and a 9-foot sausage cooked during a rainstorm.


There were other cookers there as well. There was a pellet-pooping UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker) with a Rib-o-Lator and some killer pork tenderloins.


There was a “standard” UDS and a Weber kettle in attendance…


The Weber kettle saw a lot of action; I got pictures of tri-tips…


… and some veggies. I saw some grilled pineapple on it as well, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it got used for some other grub as well; it seemed to be in use most of the afternoon.


There were beer-can chickens cooked on a Primo or Kamodo Joe (not sure which, and unfortunately didn’t get a picture of it). Here’s a shot of one of the chickens backed up by some monster grilled-and-filled mushrooms.


There was brisket…


… and pulled pork…


…and duck carnitas with guacamole (a whole story in and of itself)…


… and a fried cheese curd contest (the Wisconsin cheese curds beat the California cheese curds; so much for happy cows).


There were side dishes as well, such as Macaroni and Cheese…


… Burnt End Potatoes…


… and Sticky Pickles and Cherry Bombs. Oh, and those four pans of cobbler. Mustn’t forget the cobbler…


And lest anyone think there was a meat shortage, put those thoughts out of your head. There were short ribs…


… and a wonderful, heart-stopping concoction called a 3BGB.


There were a lot of other goodies that I didn’t get pictures of, such as fatties, tri-tip chili, burgers from GrilliantIdeas, spicy chicken wings, and grilled peppers. But I did manage to get a shot or two of a tender moment between Tom of Big Butz BBQ and Charlotte from Phat Matt’s BBQ.


I’m sure there were flowers and a field there somewhere…


Now I wonder how much I can get to remove these from the post?


As you can see, a good time was had by all. As well as serious food comas. But the story doesn’t end just yet…

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