I was out of pumpkins…

by zydecopaws on October 31, 2010


… so I cooked a squash of a different color. Spaghetti squash is plentiful this time of year, and it was time to take it out and put it on the grill rather than in the oven. One thing led to another, and the sauce also got made on the grill.

This was a pretty straightforward cook. You basically stab the squash in several locations to keep it from exploding and then put it on the grill (indirect, not right over the coals) for about an hour. After that, pull it off, cut it in half lengthwise, and scoop out the seeds. Shred the remaining squash with a fork, cover it with your favorite spaghetti sauce, a little parmesan cheese, and you’re ready to eat.


The sauce tonight was a chub of JD sage sausage with some chopped onions, bell pepper, garlic, mushrooms, a can of tomato paste, a can of crushed tomatoes, some white wine, and some Italian herb mix. It made for a nice meaty sauce and tasted great coming out of the cast iron Dutch oven.

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