How about some real ribs?

by zydecopaws on November 7, 2010


In case anybody might think that all we do around here is poke fun at fast food institutions and faux que, I figured I’d better point out that occasionally we actually cook something that resembles real BBQ. It was pinochle night on Friday, and I cooked up some spares and beans on the WSM. You can’t see the beans in the picture above, but they were on the bottom shelf of the WSM happily soaking up the drippings from the ribs.


The beans had a bit of a kick to them from all the cayenne dripping off the ribs, but those with delicate palates put aside their fears, picked up their towels to wipe the sweat from their brows, and consumed every last drop of them. The ribs were brushed with Big Butz Hot BBQ Sauce after spending a few hours on the grill with a light sprinkling of my normal rub recipe.

I guess that means they were ok. Oh, and no one complained about not being served a McSpam

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