Pigdog took home the leftovers

by zydecopaws on November 11, 2010


I mentioned yesterday that Pigdog would have been disappointed with last night’s dinner had I not gone to the store. Country-style ribs were dusted with my basic rib rub and thrown on the Performer away from the coals and left to cook for about an hour at 300°F. About that time they were joined by some white sweet potatoes that looked more like a traditional white potato than a sweet potato. They were cut into wedges and dusted with some more of the rib rub, then stuck on the grill over the coals for about 45 minutes.

While all of this was going on, I was in the house cooking up another batch of the spicy apricot sauce we had with the cod a couple of weeks ago and a batch of cole slaw.


Turns out the spicy apricot sauce is better on pork than it is on fish. In fact, it is really good on the pork. I’m guessing this recipe will find its way into the permanent recipe pages and will get used a lot more in the future.

With as much spice as we had in the meal, Pigdog surprised me by not only chowing down at dinner, but also by putting on his most pitiful face so that I would take pity on him and send the leftovers home with him. He took all of them, and from what I hear they were gone by lunchtime today.

I guess that means last night’s dinner was pretty good too…

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