How about some more ribs?

by zydecopaws on November 14, 2010


Today a bone-in ribeye roast was scored from the local warehouse store. According to the cashier these are only available during the holidays, which would explain why I’ve had so much trouble locating them the rest of the year. So now the ribeye steaks in the freezer have been replenished (I cut my own from the roasts) and we got to enjoy some Dino bones for dinner.

The rub was some BBQ’N Fools Montreal BBQ Rub that I purchased while on my BBQ vacation a few weeks ago. I’m not a big fan of rubs with salt, but I made an exception in this case after tasting it in the store. I’m glad I did, as it went great on the Dino bones, which were cooked on Bubba Ho-Keg for about 3 hours indirectly in the 350-375°F range. The internal temperature when I removed them was in the 205-210°F range (yep, like cooking a brisket) and they were foiled for about 30 minutes in a cooler after removing while the Cheesy Taters finished up.


And yes, those are Cheesy Taters again, this time made with a medley of gold, red, and purple taters. SWMBO was complaining that I was fixing them while at the lake, so I figured I’d better get back on her good side and fix them again tonight.

Mission accomplished.

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