Got Leftovers?

by zydecopaws on November 27, 2010


Between the Birthday Brisket, the turkey from our early Thanksgiving feast, and the meal I cooked indoors on Thanksgiving Day, we’re up to our ears in leftovers and have been eating them most of the week. There has been turkey soup, turkey enchilasanga (like brisket and/or pulled pork enchilasagna but made with turkey), sandwiches, and tonight a Brisket Chili Cornbread Casserole.

Even though this was made indoors tonight, the brisket was leftover from Younger Daughter’s birthday meal. I made up a batch of chili using the brisket, onions, peppers (bell, jalapeno, and some spicy green fire-roasted chilies from a can), canned diced tomatoes, garlic, salt, and cayenne and red chili powders. After the chili had simmered for an hour or so it was poured into a large glass baking dish.


Some Marie Callendar’s cornbread mix was stirred up (a little on the thick side) and poured over the top of the chili. Next time I think I’ll leave a little more room in the casserole dish before performing this step…


Into a 375°F oven it went for about 35 minutes. As you can see from the picture below, it was a real good idea to put the baking sheet under the casserole dish while cooking. What can I say, sometimes I get a bit carried away…


The finished product was very tasty. The smoke flavor from the brisket was well incorporated into the chili, and even though I left out the cumin (we were out, and I wasn’t going to the store) the final product got thumbs up from the family.


Something tells me I won’t have to worry about any leftovers from this meal…

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